T&T Supermarket promises not to raise prices because of coronavirus

Mar 9 2020, 8:41 pm

T&T Supermarket is the latest chain that has released a statement explaining what it’s doing to prevent novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from entering its stores.

The popular Asian grocery chain posted a letter from its CEO, Tina Lee, who outlined several points and addressed several customer concerns.

First, Lee wrote that T&T Supermarket staff were actively self-isolating if they exhibited flu-like symptoms or had travelled to or through highly affected countries. Lee also confirmed that non-essential business travel for the company has been cancelled.

The CEO wrote that customers can rest assured knowing that T&T will not be surging its prices “no matter what happens in the coming weeks,” she also stated that keeping shelves full of stock has been a “difficult challenge to navigate due to global supply issues,” but says her team is working around the clock to keep things moving as normal.

T&T just launched online ordering and grocery delivery for dry items, Lee advised folks to use that service but also noted there would be delays due to high demand.

T&T is not the only business making adjustments, Starbucks has banned the use of personal cups and Tim Hortons will not be using Roll Up the Rim cups this year due to coronavirus.

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