No Roll Up the Rim cups at Tim Hortons this year because of coronavirus

Mar 7 2020, 9:12 pm

Tim Hortons will not be handing out Roll Up the Rim cups this year because they’re afraid the cups could spread the novel coronavirus.

The company doesn’t think it’s safe for staff to handle tabs from winning cups that have been in customers’ mouths.

“Tim Hortons is eliminating paper Roll Up The Rim cups due to the current public health environment and redistributing all $30 million of prizes to restaurant giveaways and the digital Roll Up The Rim contest,” the company said in a statement Saturday.

Usually, customers use their teeth or fingernails to unravel the rim of their paper cup after finishing their coffee. The cup might say it’s a winner, and customers can return it to the store to collect their free drink or donut (or a larger prize like a vehicle).

This year, Tim Hortons cash registers are being programmed to randomize all hot beverages bought at participating stores, so winning guests will be notified they can claim a prize at time of purchase.

“Tim Hortons recognizes that some guests will miss the excitement of rolling up the paper cups, even for good reason given the current public health environment,” the restaurant said.

Roll Up the Rim runs from March 11 to April 7 this year, and the larger prizes like cars and prepaid gift cards can still be won online.

Tim Hortons’ sustainability team is working to make sure all the Roll Up the Rim cups are collected and recycled appropriately.


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