'Total sh*thole': Vancouver's Trump Tower Champagne Bar is getting ruined online

Jan 16 2018, 7:48 pm

These days it seems you either view Donald Trump’s presidency as a huge success or a dumpster fire – there is no in between.

Either way, have we got the shithole for you.

You see, when Trump allegedly called Haiti and the many and varied countries of Africa “shitholes” recently, even Anderson Cooper had to fight back tears.

And, as always, Google and Yelp have an appropriate answer. Of sorts.

Indeed, if you check out the 1-star Yelp reviews being left for Trump Champagne Lounge in Vancouver lately, you’ll see laughter really is the best medicine.

“This place is a major cheeto dump of a SHITHOLE,” writes Cindy A, from Oahu, Hawaii. “Say no to ameriKKKa establishments.”

“Total shithole,” writes MJ from Las Vegas. “Can’t decide if the place smelled like a dumpster fire or Russian whore house. Either way, STAY AWAY.”

Matthew Y from Vancouver writes, “This lounge is a shit hole. The lounge is shit. The champagne is shit. The staff are shit. The ownership above all else are shit.”

Of course, we should note, the Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver is not owned by Trump or anyone in his family. They just sold the name to the developers.

The Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver (The Holborn Group)

The Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver (The Holborn Group)

Nicola S, also from Vancouver, goes on. “This lounge is ground zero for douchebags. A giant tank of skeevy, greasy losers. Total shithole.”

Peter R from San Francisco is mystified as to how the bar got a good rating in the first place.

“Why no zero stars rating? Some shitholes deserve a better description than one whole star. That is one too many for this shithole,” writes Peter R.

On Google, Lionel Headly is good enough to consider the staff – but doesn’t hold back.

“The staff was great, but the rest, what a sh*thole. Food sucked, drinks were over priced, I think that calamari was actually pig butt hole,” writes Headly.

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