Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump to hold joint press conference this afternoon

Feb 13 2017, 1:47 pm

It’s only been four days since Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip to Washington, DC to meet with President Trump was officially confirmed, but for many in Canada, today’s visit carries the weight of months of uncertainty.

Since Trump’s election, subsequent inauguration, and first three weeks as President, protests have erupted across Canada, even managing to shut down the US Consulate in Toronto.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Trudeau’s not-so-subtle reply to the Trump administration’s recent muslim ban was this:

Despite that tweet, however, many in Canada have called for Prime Minister Trudeau to take a louder and more direct stance against the moves the Trump administration is currently making.

Will there be another awkward handshake? Will Trudeau take a stand against America’s new policies? Will Trump say something insightful about the US-Canada relationship?

We don’t have to wait long to find out.

Prime Minister Trudeau has already arrived at Dulles International Airport, near Washington, DC and will be greeted by President Trump at the White House at 10:50 am EST.

At 11:10 am EST, the Prime Minister and the President “will hold a tête-a-tête meeting,” followed by an expanded bilateral meeting at 11:25 am, a roundtable discussion with women executives at 12:15 pm, a luncheon, and then a “joint media availability” at 2 pm EST.

After the press conference, Trudeau will finish his day in Washington by meeting with Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell before returning home to Ottawa this evening.

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