TransLink's CEO makes more money than Canada's Prime Minister

Jul 12 2018, 5:52 am

It’s a job that comes with a number of big responsibilities, and according to the numbers in a recently released report from TransLink, it also pays a healthy salary for doing so.

In fact, Kevin Desmond’s position as the CEO of the regional transportation authority pays so well, that his salary tops that of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

According to the company’s 2017 Financial Information Act Filing and Remuneration Report, which was recently made available to the public, Desmond’s salary was $415,435 last year. With his pension factored in, TransLink’s top executive made $459,000.

By comparison, Canada’s Prime Minister makes $347,400 a year to lead the country.

And while making more money than the leader of Canada might seem like a lot, it’s still less than the amount TransLink’s former CEO Ian Jarvis was paid: $463,463 in 2016, to be exact.

In its report, TransLink said it manages a total asset portfolio valued at $10 billion, which includes buses, trains, stations, track, bridges, facilities, structures, and systems.

With approximately 7,300 employees, the regional transportation company is one of the largest employers in British Columbia.

Prior to taking over the position as the head of TransLink, Desmond’s previous roles included the General Manager of Seattle’s King County Metro and the Chief of Operations Planning for the New York City Transit Authority.

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