Raptors Game 5 tickets are highest selling of all-time

Jun 11 2019, 12:56 am

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Don’t worry if you feel like ticket prices for Game 5 of the NBA Finals sound expensive—it’s because they are expensive.

In fact, tickets for tonight’s Raptors game against the Golden State Warriors are now the all-time NBA leader in sales on StubHub.

“Tonight’s Raptors game is the best-selling NBA Finals game ever on StubHub. The demand is indicative of a fanbase waiting 24 years for a chance at the country’s first NBA Championship. Fans want to be there for what could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Paul Nowosad, General Manager of StubHub Canada.

As we get closer to tip-off, StubHub says the most expensive Game 5 ticket sold so far is a whopping $27,500, while the least expensive ticket went for $300.

The average cost of a ticket for tonight is now $2,223.

And with several hours to go before game time, tickets for tonight have already outsold Game 3 and Game 4 in Golden State combined.

And fans attending the game aren’t just from Toronto. Buyers are from 25 different countries and 32 different states, according to StubHub.

But tonight’s big game isn’t the only one with outrageous prices. Game 1 saw tickets go for as high as $23,896, an average of $1,371, and a low of $429.

Game 2 had tickets go for up to $10,000, an average of $1,444, and a low of $450.

siakam raptors

Game 2, Toronto Raptors / Twitter

But thing’s get more interesting than that.

Toronto Raptors home games alone in the 2019 NBA Finals have outsold the 2018 NBA Finals combined by 77%. 

Not to mention tickets sold for Toronto Raptors home games account for 68% of total NBA Finals sales to-date. 

And Toronto Raptors home games for this series now represent three of the top-5 NBA Finals games of all-time in terms of sales on StubHub.

If you’re still thinking about going to tonight’s game (it’s only money, right), there are still over 1,400 tickets available at this time, starting at $1,517.00, according to StubHub.

“We encourage fans to be savvy ticket buyers and use trusted services, don’t pay cash and set price-alerts to stay within budget,” said Nowosad.

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