20 black cats and kittens that need a home right meow

Nov 28 2018, 11:34 pm

Black cats are some of the best felines around – just ask anyone who’s lucky enough to have one in their lives. Long and lean, silky and shiny, loyal and loveable… black cats really do have it all.

Sadly though, black cats are usually the last to be adopted, despite the fact they’re just as loving and wonderful as a cat of any other colour.

Half of the cats and kittens currently up for adoption through the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) are black. Many of them are adults, further lowering their chances of adoption.

“Black cats really are the sweetest creatures and, despite their dark colouring, they defiantly brighten up a home,” said VOKRA volunteer Tasha Bukovnik. “Every time I meet someone with a black cat they always rave about how loving and smart they are. It’s a shame they’re often overlooked in favour of more colourful cats.”

Inundated with black cats and kittens in its care, VOKRA is looking for suitable adopters. Preferably these cuddle-bunnies will be adopted in pairs (here’s why). Know anyone who can open their home to one of these little mini panthers?

Here are some of the black cats and kittens waiting to meet you:

Astrid (mom to Bianca, et al.)

Astrid (Furry Friends Photgraphy)

Astrid (Furry Friends Photography)

Astrid is 1.5 years old.


Bianca (Furry Friends Photgraphy)

Bianca (Furry Friends Photography)


Cassiopeia (Furry Friends Photgraphy)

Cassiopeia (Furry Friends Photography)


Drako (Furry Friends Photgraphy)

Drako (Furry Friends Photography)


Estella (Furry Friends Photgraphy)

Estella (Furry Friends Photography)


Orion (Furry Friends Photgraphy)

Orion (Furry Friends Photography)


Bianca, Cassiopeia, Drako, Estella, Orion and Vega are all three months old, and VOKRA says they must be adopted with a sibling or as a buddy to another cat.

Vega (Furry Friends Photgraphy)

Vega (Furry Friends Photography)


One year, four months old. She must be adopted with her Calico buddy, Zoey.

Bagheera (VOKRA)

Bagheera (VOKRA)


Everest (Furry Friends Photography)

Everest (Furry Friends Photography)


Leloo (Furry Friends Photography)

Leloo (Furry Friends Photography)


Rango (Furry Friends Photography)

Rango (Furry Friends Photography)

Everest, Leloo and Rango are all three months old, and must be adopted with a sibling or as a buddy to another cat.


Framboise (Laura Bartlett)


Myrtille (Laura Bartlett)

Myrtille (Laura Bartlett)

Framboise and Myrtille are seven months old and must be adopted as a pair.

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Whisper and Puma

Whisper and Pump (Laura Bartlett)

Whisper and Puma (Laura Bartlett)

Whisper and Puma are seven months old and must be adopted as a pair.

Zaius and Zira

Zaius and Zira (Pete Iwaczl)

Zaius and Zira (Pete Iwaczl)

Zaius and Zira are seven months old and must be adopted as a pair.


Solstice (Nathalie Buce)

Solstice (Nathalie Buce)

This black beauty is nine years young.

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