3 simple tips to host your first-ever Christmas dinner

Nov 25 2019, 3:49 pm

Hosting a holiday dinner for the very first time?

Firstly, we’re proud of you — it’s a big commitment to prepare the kind of feast that has everyone talking for a full calendar year (no pressure).

Secondly, don’t stress. When you’re equipped with the essentials, hosting an amazing Christmas dinner party is easy!

We want to help take the guesswork out of hosting and show you how it’s possible to get everything you need in one place. That’s why we’ve teamed up with London Drugs to list our three top tips and the products that make for a seamless holiday party.

Multitask your way through meal prep

Holiday dinner/Shutterstock

Nobody wants to realize they don’t have the right pot or mixer to make their food on Christmas Eve, but thankfully you can avoid this with a little advance planning. Put your mind at ease by investing in the cooking products that set an amateur chef up to make a successful holiday dinner.

Think of minimizing stress with an Instant Pot for making one-pot dinners and even desserts (at different times, obviously). Use a skillet that doubles up as a buffet server. When it comes to making dessert, you can multitask and minimize any mess by having a mixer on hand that lets you get started on the icing while your cake is mixing.

Kitchen tip: be sure to have the baking supplies you’ll need for pastries stocked up, such as cinnamon, coconut oil, and turmeric.

Set the holiday ambiance


Let’s face it: winter weather can often be quite dreary, and unless we’re skiing or snowshoeing at the local mountains, we’re spending time inside. Hosting a holiday dinner doesn’t mean you need to give your place a full renovation (unless that’s your jam). Add some Christmas spirit to your décor to set a cozy ambiance for when your guests arrive.

Light the fire (or stick on a yule log app), add a red or cream throw and some cushions to your sofa, decorate your space with some festive bottle lamps, and put on your favourite record while you prep dinner. Pro tip: Lighting fresh-scented candles will make your guests feel right at home.

Pull out all the stops for entertainment

Holiday party/Shutterstock

The holidays are all about eating as much delicious, hearty food as possible, and having a lot of fun in between. This year, go all out and pick up the pieces that will make your dinner party stand out.

Get creative and treat your guests to mixologist- and barista-worthy beverages made using your new SodaStream or espresso machine — and rather than serving drinks up in mismatched glassware, make sure to grab a set of classic glasses that you can use for years to come. Keep the party going with some crowd-pleasing games like Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Catan.

Since this is your first-ever Christmas dinner, you’ll want to capture all of the cheesy holiday memories on a Polaroid that lets you instantly take photos and give them to your friends as gifts (too cute?).

Ready to start preparations for your first Christmas dinner as a host? Simply visit London Drugs online or in-store today. Your guests can thank us later!