5 tips for hosting the perfect Friendsgiving dinner

Sep 27 2019, 5:23 pm

If there’s one thing that people can come together over, it’s food.

This year, there’s no better way to show the people in your life that you care than to host your very own Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving!) dinner.

And by playing host this fall, you can do more than just give back to the people around the table — you can help give families with a sick child a place to stay together at Ronald McDonald House BC and Yukon (RMH BC).

At RMH BC, families can find a home away from home — a comforting place to sleep, a kitchen to cook in, and a supportive community. The Thankful to be Home for Dinner program invites you to host your own Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving event in support of families who will be staying at RMH BC over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Instead of bringing typical gifts along to dinner, your guests can contribute something even more meaningful — a donation that will ensure that families can enjoy a comforting night’s stay and everyday moments together under one roof. What more reason do you need to bring the crew together this October?


Here are five tips for hosting your own Friendsgiving dinner.

Dream up the details, including a delicious menu

This is the first and foremost step of organizing your very own Friendsgiving dinner. Personalize your invites, figure out who to invite, where your meal will be served, and of course, what you’re going to be cooking.

Need some ideas? Try this House-favourite menu!

Make sure to send out your invites early, allot plenty of time to cook, stock up on alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and never forget the dessert!

Invite your loved ones

Rally friends who want to participate as co-hosts or help with organizing your event. When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. The whole point of the dinner is to get together with your friends and family so if you need help getting things ready, graciously accept the offer!

Once you have a guest list, share your invite and motivation behind hosting a Thankful to be Home for Dinner event.


Have a fool-proof oven plan

You’ll only have one oven and many hungry mouths to feed. It is crucial to figure out when each dish needs to be cooked. Determine which dishes can be prepared earlier or if any meals can be prepared in other ways, like on the stove or in an Instant Pot. Get your timing right and ensure that the food is warm and ready to come out at the same time!

Be prepared for your guests

Everyone will have saved room for your delicious meal and will arrive hungry. The smell of your warm dishes might trigger some grumbling tummies, so while your guests arrive, have some light snacks ready to temporarily satisfy their appetite.

Thanksgiving is about more than just a dinner, it’s about connecting. Prepare a quick trivia or board game and comfortable spaces where friends can catch-up while waiting for the feast.

Lastly, relax and enjoy yourself

The most important tip to having a meaningful Friendsgiving dinner is to relax and have fun!

After all, your guests are there to gather with you and be thankful for each other. Take the time to enjoy the get-together, laugh a lot, and spend time with the ones you love most in the world. If anything goes wrong on the day — so what? Your guests will remember the laughs and the funny stories; they’ll remember that you hosted a dinner for a great cause more than the turkey that was just a tad bit too dry.

The day is all about finding moments of gratitude and being thankful for the loved ones that you’re spending time with, so take a breath and enjoy.

Opening its doors in 1983, Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon recently celebrated over 35 years of service to families.

Families staying at RMH BC travel far from their own homes for their child’s medical treatment in Vancouver, and this Thanksgiving weekend, the House will be fully occupied with 73 families.

Helping is as simple as this: all you need to do is sign up to host a dinner. On the day itself, you can collect donations from your guests, and the funds raised will go to RMH BC to ensure a family can continue to enjoy everyday moments together while their child receives life-saving medical treatment.

By hosting your dinner, you’re giving moments like the ones you share with your friends and family to RMH BC families. For more information, visit RMHBC.ca.

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