Tim Hortons to test returnable, washable coffee cups and containers

Oct 22 2020, 1:26 pm

Tim Hortons is introducing a new way for guests to enjoy their drinks or meals in a more sustainable manner, through reusable cups or food containers.

In an effort to reduce single-use items, guests will be able to order food or drinks using reusable containers and cups that you can also return, according to a news release.

Once returned, they would then be professionally cleaned and sanitized by Loop, the company partnering up with Tim Hortons.

In order to use the reusable items, a deposit must be placed, and once you’re done, you can return them to get your money back at a participating Tim Hortons location.

For now, the new reusable containers will only be available at participating Toronto restaurants.

“To really make an impact, we know we need to do something completely different. And as Canada’s quick service restaurant leader, we also know it’s our responsibility to be bold in that change. That’s why we’re really excited to be announcing this industry-leading initiative. A first of its kind in Canada that focuses on reusables,” said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer of Tim Hortons.

“Throughout Waste Reduction Week we’ve been making announcements about the many ways we’re working to use more recycled materials, make our products more recyclable, and reduce waste.”

The company had also announced that it will no longer be “double-cupping” drinks as of November 4 in an effort to switch to a more sustainable focus and eliminate the “unnecessary” use of over 200 million cups per year.

“Yesterday’s announcement on the end of double-cupping will eliminate the use of 200 million cups over the next year. Adding a reusable option to our sustainability packaging mix sets us apart in our journey to reduce waste,” said Bagozzi.

Tim Hortons has also disclosed that, in the next few weeks, they will be launching a pilot project at select restaurants in Vancouver “with an aim of introducing a new hot beverage cup with a lining that is recyclable and compostable.”

“During COVID, we have seen that consumers have relied more on single-use cups and containers due to health restrictions. This initiative by Tim Hortons signals that getting back to adopting reusable containers will be important when those restrictions are lifted,” said Tom Szaky, TerraCycle and Loop CEO.

“This partnership with Tim Hortons will allow guests to easily bring reusability into their daily lives, and whether they choose to eat-in or takeaway, they will be able to get some of their favourite food and drinks in a reusable container.”

Last year, the Canadian name also launched a new lid that is more comfortable to use and 100% recyclable.

Lids are made from a material called polypropylene, making them 100% recyclable. All Tims recycling bins accept the lids, and 95% of curbside recycling programs across Canada do so as well.

The coffee chain also unveiled more efforts they’re making, for a more sustainable future, such as unveiling new napkins made from 100% recycled fibre beginning in 2021, and new paper-based wrappers for sandwiches and bagels, cutting the use of paper by 17% yearly.

The new pilot test is expected to start in 2021 at select Toronto restaurants. No word yet on when it may launch nationally.

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