Tim Hortons won't be "double-cupping" your "double-doubles" anymore

Oct 21 2020, 1:47 pm

“Double-cupping” won’t be a thing anymore, at Tim Hortons at least. The company has announced it will stop the practice by next month and offer recyclable cardboard sleeves for their hot drinks instead.

Tim Hortons Canada will no longer be “double-cupping” drinks as of November 4 in an effort to switch to a more sustainable focus and eliminate the “unnecessary” use of over 200 million cups per year.

“We understand that millions of our guests request ‘double-cupping’ at our restaurants because our coffee is always 20 minutes fresh and piping hot,” said Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer for Tim Hortons, in a news release.

“Most wouldn’t know the incredible benefit we can offer to Canada’s environment if they accept a hot coffee sleeve instead of a second cup.”

Tim Hortons’ cardboard coffee sleeves are manufactured from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

According to the coffee company, they had recently expanded their trial on hot beverage cups in Calgary and Toronto that are made with 30% recycled materials.

“This is just one part of a larger sustainability focus at Tim Hortons, especially related to our beverage cups. We are making our lids more recyclable; making our coffee cups more recyclable; we’re testing a compostable coffee cup; and have launched a strawless option for our cold beverages as well,” said Bagozzi.

In the next few weeks, Tim Hortons also disclosed that they will be launching a pilot project at select restaurants in Vancouver “with an aim of introducing a new hot beverage cup with a lining that is recyclable and compostable.”

Back in February, Tim Hortons had also announced plans to give away almost two million reusable cups as part of its 10-year commitment “to change consumer perceptions and habits towards using reusable cups.”

Although that plan was paused due to the pandemic, it will be relaunched when it becomes possible to do so.

Last year, the Canadian name also launched a new lid that is more comfortable to use and 100% recyclable.

Made from a material called polypropylene, besides the lids being 100% recyclable, all Tims recycling bins accept the lids, and 95% of curbside recycling programs across Canada do so as well.

This week alone, Tim Hortons has also announced more efforts for a more sustainable future such as unveiling new napkins made from 100% recycled fibre beginning in 2021, and new paper-based wrappers for sandwiches and bagels, cutting the use of paper by 17% yearly.

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