Tim Hortons is no longer Canada's favourite coffee according to new poll

Oct 24 2017, 7:52 pm

Tim Hortons isn’t Canada’s favourite coffee chain. It’s not even second… or third.

According to the recently published Maclean’s Coffee Poll, the ever iconic Tim Hortons ranks fourth as the peoples’ choice for best drip coffee in Canada behind McDonald’s, Second Cup, and Starbucks – in that order.

The poll, which is still open for voting, asks participants to rank 15 chain coffee shops operating in Canada by using a drag and drop tool, and as of October 20 (four days into polling) the consensus is as follows:

mcleans coffee poll


Perhaps most surprising about this poll is Second Cup’s second-place status – a huge feat for the comparatively tiny chain of cafes operating just 300 outlets vs. Timmy’s nearly 4,000 stores, McDonald’s 1,400+ locations or Starbucks which in Canada, reportedly “has more stores on a per capita basis than anywhere else in the world.

The poll also explicitly narrows its scope by specifying that “we’re looking for the best drip coffee, no flavours or substitutions allowed.”

Perhaps the biggest take-away from this popularity contest reflects the preferences of a very specific subset of the population, specifically, McDonald’s-loving, drip coffee-drinking Maclean’s readers.

Which makes us wonder, what kind of drip coffee to Daily Hive readers love the most!? Vote in the poll below and let us know what your go-to brew of choice is:

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