Tim Hortons first-ever "innovation café" has officially closed its doors

May 3 2021, 5:58 pm

The first-ever Tim Hortons Innovation Café, known for its Dream Doughnuts and specialty treats, has closed its doors for good.

Located in Toronto’s Financial District, the innovation café served elevated versions of Tim Hortons doughnuts and coffee, as well as an expanded menu that included more sophisticated soups and savoury sandwiches.

A spokesperson for Tim Hortons told Daily Hive the café closed due to low traffic levels in downtown Toronto.

Kayla Gladysz/Daily Hive

“The reality of COVID-19 has meant that the downtown core has been largely vacant for more than a year and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future,” the rep said.

Despite the closure at 130 King Street West, the company hasn’t given up on the concept of an innovation café just yet.

Kayla Gladysz/Daily Hive

“We closed Tim Hortons 130 King last month and will continue to trial new ideas and concepts in our other innovation restaurants,” the spokesperson told Daily Hive.

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The elevated concept opened in 2019 and was one of several “innovation restaurants” that Tim Hortons developed with the goal of growing the Tim Hortons brand.

The Exchange Tower food court location remains open; however, you won’t find the specialty goods here.

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