Tighter Canadian gun laws were being considered before Toronto shooting, says minister

Jul 24 2018, 6:34 pm

In the wake of the deadly mass shooting that left two people dead and 13 others injured in  in Toronto this week, Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was asked if the federal government had any plans to tighten hand gun laws in the country as part of its response.

And while his answer was somewhat vague, he appeared to suggest that the idea had been considered.

Asked if the government had any plans “for the reclassification of handguns under federal legislation,” Goodale responded that any such changes would require “significant remodelling of the criminal code.”

That being said, he noted that “a number of groups and organizations made presentations to that effect earlier this year, and I said that we would be prepared to consider their arguments and we will do that.”

Goodale added that the groups had offered official testimony before various parliamentary committees and “we’ll examine their proposals.”

For his part, Canada’s Minister of Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair said he thinks it’s “very important that we work very closely with cities… the provinces and stakeholder across the country to look at all of the ways in which we can address the violence that’s taking place in our cities – and it’s an important discussion.”

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