The Week Ahead: Paul Bissonnette has been hurt by Hall and Oates

Feb 15 2018, 12:10 am

Well, we’re back again for our 20th episode and this time we’re featuring one of the all-time beauty’s of the NHL Paul Bissonnette (aka @BizNasty2point0 on Twitter). The interview, as always, was presented by the fine folks at Burrard Physiotherapy and it was stupendous, to say the least!

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If you’d you’re a bigger fan of the visual over the audio, our show went out live over the Green Men Facebook Live feed. Just click here/below to check it out. Biz comes on at the 4:27 mark (You may have to join the page to see the video).

Paul Bissonnette checks in with The Week Ahead guys

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The guys then dove head first into the Indochino Headlines segment. Who, by the way, before we go any further, are offering suits at 50% off using promo code ‘WEEKAHEAD’. No joke!

We first touched on just how ridiculous the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting with LeBron James (likely) behind every decision that’s being made. It started with Tyronn Lue and now half the team gets dealt because he’s not happy. It’s getting out of hand!

LBJ was just a small part of the conversation though as I had to make good on our bet last week for Chelsea taking out Watford in the Premier League. My prediction fell short. Waaay short! In turn, I had to channel my inner Elton with a rendition of Rocket Man.

From there we hit on absolutely everything else including the NBA All-Star Game, the Dunk Contest, the best games ahead in the NHL, Champions League and the 2018 Winter Olympics.

We revealed when the biggest and best sports will on live from the games in South Korea and wish our Canadians all the best on the other side of the world!

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BTW, did you miss our episode with Andrew Ebbett’s of Team Canada? No problem, here that is.

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