The Rise of Scott Mathieson: Vancouver-born MLB pitcher that became a legend in Japan (PODCAST)

Dec 14 2018, 8:23 pm

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Scott Mathieson’s baseball career took him from the Langley Blaze to the Philadelphia Phillies and has since brought him to the most storied franchise in all of Japan – the Tokyo Giants.

He was taken 509th overall in the 2002 MLB Entry Draft by Philadelphia before embarking on an interesting road to the top. Once he cracked the Phillies roster, he quickly found himself battling career cautioning injuries. He was then offered a choice, look around the MLB or head overseas to one of the biggest and best baseball hotbeds on Earth.

Scott made the choice that perhaps not many would, but quite honestly most seriously should. He headed over to Tokyo, Japan and has been pitching for now been a member of the Giants for the past eight years.

Seriously, if you’ve never been, go to a baseball game in Tokyo, Japan. It could be the greatest sports experience of your life. Honestly. No joke. It’s surreal!

To stay in the game as long as possible, you need to be mentally and physically primed. The consensus from all of our guests thus far is that doing everything you can to stay healthy is paramount when it comes to having success. Join us next week when we showcase the importance of staying loose and agile in professional sports.

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