Now you can get your fave live TV and streaming services in one package

Feb 11 2020, 6:36 pm

The past decade catapulted us to places we never knew technology could take us. And thanks to streaming services, we’re no longer perusing the aisles of Blockbuster to get our fix of entertainment.

But while we have the technology gods to thank for providing us with whatever film or show we’ve been dying to watch at our fingertips, the sheer volume of options in 2020 has created a conundrum for entertainment lovers. Put simply, switching back and forth between multiple streaming subscriptions and cable shows can be inconvenient — not to mention costly.

Subscription fatigue is real, and you don’t need that kind of stress in your life. This is why TELUS Optik TV’s new complete TV packages are the ultimate solution for entertainment lovers.

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The packages give you access to a ton of channels and streaming services — including Netflix, Crave + Movies + HBO, hayu, HGTV, Treehouse, all the latest in sports, and more.

For true TV and movie lovers who don’t want to compromise on their shows, having this kind of choice has traditionally meant multiple credit card charges spent on entertainment every month. But no longer.

Users can customize what they get in their packages with a premium option included. These include Crave + Movies + HBO, Netflix Premium, Sportsnet World, and many more. Choosing from these packages means crafting an entertainment package that suits you.

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TELUS is the first and only provider in Canada to include access to Crave + Movies + HBO, Netflix, and hayu at no additional cost as part of its new packages*. Instead of zigzagging between multiple services, customers can access them conveniently (you literally go to channel 422 and you’re on Netflix), all in one place, and on one bill. That’s pretty revolutionary.

Thinking of watching The Crown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, or Botched? Maybe sports is more your thing and you’d love to watch the NHL, NBA, and NFL. You’ll have access to all of this and much more with TELUS Optik TV’s new subscription options.

All of our streaming services in the one bill and with just one provider? The future is officially here!

Can’t wait to start binge-watching? Contact TELUS today to set up your new Optik TV service. It really is the full package.

*Conditions apply. For more information visit

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