Ted Cruz takes shots at Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart on Twitter

Feb 6 2022, 1:38 am

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart got a retweet from US Senator Ted Cruz who took time out of his Saturday to take shots at the city’s leader.

But don’t worry, Stewart definitely fired back.

Here’s what happened:

On Friday, February 4, Stewart issued a statement regarding planned “Freedom Convoy” protests in Vancouver. In it, the Mayor essentially said that the protest wasn’t so welcome in the city.

“As the Mayor of a city with an over 95 per cent vaccination rate, my message to the convoy is this: Vancouver doesn’t want you here. Make your point and then go home,” the Mayor said.

Enter Ted Cruz

Somehow, the Tweet found its way to the attention of US Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas representative in the Republican Party who has strong ties to Alberta.

“Mayor says ‘Vancouver doesn’t want’ truck drivers there,” wrote Cruz. “Folks might feel differently with empty shelves,” he wrote.

The Mayor’s response

Stewart was quick to respond to the unsolicited advice.

“Can someone tell Ted Cruz our store shelves are fine thanks to the 90% of Canadian truckers who are fully vaccinated,” Stewart wrote.

He required assistance to relay the message because he was reportedly “too busy high-fiving all the awesome folks in Vancouver that are helping push back against the Hate Convoy.”

The protest in Vancouver

On Saturday, February 5, protesters rolled into Vancouver. Some of them were greeted by counter-protesters who went into traffic on their bikes and on their two feet to try and physically block the convoy.

It was the second weekend in a row that demonstrators came to Vancouver creating a cacophony of honking.

Now, the honking may have subsided. But the Vancouver Mayor’s new Twitter feud with Senator Ted Cruz has just begun.

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