Order a selfie latte at this Vancouver coffee shop and your life will be complete

Aug 3 2017, 4:23 am

We’ve discovered something that is arguably more millennial than an avocado slicer or brunch – and that’s saying something.

Gastown creative cafe and coffee shop Taste and Circle gives its customers the opportunity to customize their lattes by ordering them with selfies, images, or unique messages in the foam.

Yes, that’s right, selfie lattes – I know, I ‘can’t even’ either.

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This is the first and only place you can get selfie lattes in Vancouver, Taste and Circle staff told Daily Hive. All you have to do is order your bevy then Airdrop (through iOS) the file to the barista behind the counter.

Once they’ve received it they’ll use a mini 3D printer-like contraption to create the shapes with coffee extract, and voilà! There’s your gorgeous trend-loving face on a piping hot quality drink!

There is no extra cost for this special feature on your beverage, which comes to $4.48 after tax. Clearly this is worth the fiver, so if nothing else, just do it for the gram like these hip folks did.

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Taste and Circle

Address: 206 Carrall Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @tasteandcircle

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