"Good luck with that": Sinking feelings about proposed swimwear policy in Vancouver

Apr 19 2023, 9:04 pm

People have strong feelings in response to a recommendation about bringing in a bathing suit or swimwear policy in Vancouver.

A report from the Vancouver Park Board outlined some concerns that park board staff have raised regarding attire “that has had cause for attention.”

Essentially, the recommendation is to create a policy that would dictate the kind of bathing suit a patron would wear at a Vancouver aquatic centre and to define “acceptable” swimwear clearly.

Items that are considered unacceptable according to the park board report include:

  • Items designed for sexual/intimate purposes
  • Clothing that absorbs water, like jeans or sweatpants
  • Attire with long, flowing fabric

In response to the park board’s report and our story, most people aren’t exactly thrilled. One person suggested that the potential for new rules could lead to more defiance.

“Isn’t the only rule needed to cover your bottoms, front and back.”

Another response joked, “They want you to wear swimwear from the Victorian era-1800’s.”

One person simply stated, “Good luck with that lmao.”

Someone even suggested that the move would impact attendance at pools.

One of our readers pointed out that what is considered appropriate could be subjective.

“There needs to be very clear rules, if not, it creates a situation where discrimination can be allowed. ‘Sexually Inappropriate’ can not be decided upon by the employee working at the pool that day.”

We asked the park board for comment, specifically about how some rules could be subjective based on who makes the judgement.

In response, the park board said, “This report is in place to clarify the definition of appropriate swimwear for recreation centre patrons and staff.”

The park board added it would not be commenting further until after it meets on April 24, when a decision is expected.

What do you think?

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