Disturbing video of alleged assault on Grade 9 student being investigated by RCMP

Jun 5 2019, 6:06 am

A disturbing incident caught on video which shows a young teen being made to get on his knees and kiss the shoe of another teen before being kicked in the face is now being investigated by RCMP in Surrey, BC.

The video has been making rounds on social media, and was shared on Monday by Paul Pedersen, who identifies himself as the boy’s father.

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Pedersen says his son is in Grade 9 and is “a good student at Fraser Heights Secondary.”

The attack, he furthers, “had nothing to do with him other than association to one of the involved parties.”

Pedersen says the incident began when his his son was was brought to the back area of the school, near the tennis courts, “by a trusted friend no-less,” where he was threatened with weapons and told to get on his knees and “kiss the feet of his attackers,” before being kicked in the face.

The attack, Pedersen adds, took place during the lunch hour.

He notes that this past Friday, the parties involved “had an altercation that involved a firearm being brandished which is now in police custody.”

Pedersen says he was not informed of the situation, and believes many other parents weren’t either. He adds there was no lockdown at the school, and no notification was sent out.

The video of his son being attacked, he says, stems from the fact “the parties think that he ‘snitched’ on them for their violent offences.”

Pedersen says he obtained the video “because one of the attackers made a video and sent it to all the other children in the school and it eventually reached us.”

On Tuesday, Surrey RCMP Sgt. Chad Greig confirmed with Daily Hive that police had been made aware of the video.

“Our School & Youth officers are engaged with the Surrey School District investigating the matter,” he said.

“Investigators are determining if there are any linkages between this incident and an incident that occurred Friday May 31 near the school, which involved an air-soft hand gun,” Greig added. As for that incident, he said police were “made aware of the Friday incident shortly after it was over, then attended, seized the air-soft gun and began their investigation.”

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