As the pandemic puppy boom fades, dogs in Surrey are waiting months for forever homes

Mar 16 2022, 5:18 pm

As the surge of people taking home pandemic puppies continues to fade, the future looks a little fuzzy for animals looking for their forever homes in Surrey, BC.

The Surrey Animal Resource Centre is worried about the critters trying to find a home in their facility. Adoptions don’t happen as often as they used to, and some dogs are spending months at a time there, hoping for a new home every day.

That’s compared to the 11-day average Surrey dogs had to wait to be chosen at the outset of the pandemic.Ā 

In a release from the City, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum says they have seen a steady increase in dogs staying in the shelter for over 100 days.

One dog named Honey has been there for over 250 days. She loves to dig, and spends lots of time hiding and retrieving toys from the sand. This may have stopped people from adopting her, but staff say she deserves a loving home after waiting so long.

“I am proud of our Surrey staff who have worked hard to enhance the quality of life for these animals, but what they truly need is a forever home,” said the Mayor.Ā 

“It’s a good reminder to residents of Surrey that there are many animals in need of a loving owner and are sadly residing in our local shelter for far too long.”

For now, Honey is an “unofficial shelter greeter,” but the sooner she can get to her next family, the better.

On the upside, the shelter has been upgraded “to help enhance [the] quality of life for the animals residing there.”

There’s now an ‘Enchanted Forest’ area made of 3,300 lbs of recycled tires from 215 car tires, made possible through a grant from Kal Tire’s Kal’s RePlay Fund.”

Animals who stay in shelters for long periods are more likely to develop behavioural issues and problems with their immune systems, even if they’re properly cared for while they’re there.Ā 

If you want to be a part of what the Surrey Animal Resource Centre is doing, but you can’t get a pet, they take donations through Canada Helps, phone, their Amazon Wishlist, and physical drop-offs.

Physical donations can be dropped in the blue U-Line bin outside the shelter during reception hours from noon to 5 pm.

The shelter is at 17944 Colebrook Road, and bookings can be made by appointment only.Ā 

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