Student short film captures Vancouver's love for frontline workers (VIDEO)

May 6 2020, 12:43 am

There are a lot of emotions stirring right now.

Happily, for Canadians, our generally polite nature leans us in the direction of thanks and warm fuzzies. While we continue to find a new balance in a world where things have changed drastically, Vancouver has yet to let up on the thunderous thank you cheer that takes place every evening at 7 pm.

One Capilano University student, Keaton Lawlor, captured the spirit of the movement with help from Matteo Welsh, and it’s enough to bring a tear to your eye.

“We will never forget the sound of 7 pm. Thank you all,” the video’s caption reads.

To simply, and unmistakably thank healthcare workers and other professionals that continue to perform in their integral roles, cheers during shift change started almost two months ago.

Since then, it has grown beyond any other movement and proceeds to get louder with every passing day. The thank-you cheers rival the noise made during the Stanley Cup run in 2011, and the gold medal victory during 2010’s Winter Olympics.

Just check out our Editor-in-Chief’s twitter thread that explicitly demonstrates the enormity of this noise, dating all the way back to the end of March.

Cities all around the world have been slowly revealing their plans to reopen economies, in hopes that the worst of this coronavirus pandemic is behind us. Until we can say that for sure, we’re certain that Vancouverites will remain glued to their clocks, awaiting the striking of 7 pm.

Above everything, thank you.

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