3 expert tips to crack Vancouver's "hidden" job market

Oct 29 2019, 5:19 pm

We’re glad we caught your attention. It’s true, Vancouver has had a “hidden” job market all this time — and if that term caused you to raise an eyebrow, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything.

The hidden job market is a term used to describe the careers that aren’t publicly advertised. These are the positions that you don’t see listed on employer websites, job boards, LinkedIn, or any other resource you’d traditionally use to find your next role.

Curious to learn more about the hidden job market in Vancouver, we spoke with Michael Dha, founder and managing director at STRIVE Recruitment. A recruitment expert, Dha has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and has sourced talent for everyone from local businesses to renowned Fortune 500 companies.

He explains that employers in the hidden job market tend to find their next hire through different methods, such as employee referral programs, personal networking, social media networking, and recruitment firms. Basically, the game has changed.

To help you crack the hidden job market and move forward in your career, here are Dha’s top three tips.

Start with social media

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How much time do you spend online on a daily basis? Well, a portion of that could help you land your dream job. Dha recommends following all the companies you’d like to work for, starting with LinkedIn and followed by Instagram, Facebook, and lastly, Twitter.

“In today’s ‘culture-first’ world, leaders are much more interested in knowing how well you fit the company’s culture — not just the position that they’re hiring for. Connecting on social media provides that platform,” says Dha. When you’re fully connected with these decision makers, you’re in a better position to be considered for employment, as they tend to visit their network first when a position becomes available.

Show up


If you really want to pursue the career of your dreams, Dha says you need to make an effort to physically be in the places where your prospective employers are. For example, if you’re keen on thriving in the business community, such as in the accounting industry, then you’ll want to attend any relevant events.

Business in Vancouver and the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) offer great networking opportunities. The CPABC also has an annual career fair where prospective CPAs can learn more about options for their future. Similarly, if tech is your industry, check out events like the BC Tech Summit and the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC).

Register with an expert

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You don’t need to be actively looking for a new job to access Vancouver’s hidden job market. It’s always smart to keep your options open by registering with an expert. Why? As Dha explains, recruitment firms tend to have very close relationships with top organizations in the city.

In fact, 67% of the positions that STRIVE recruited for in 2018 weren’t advertised by the employer. Dha recommends connecting with a specialist recruitment firm that consistently seeks out talent in your desired industry.

“The ability to land your dream role has never been easier than it is today. Small efforts on your part as a job seeker can put you in a pole position to truly end up doing what you love,” Dha adds.

For more information and to connect with a recruiter in Vancouver, visit STRIVE Recruitment now.

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