Stop Trump campaigners rally at Trump Tower in Vancouver

Oct 5 2016, 7:00 pm

A group of campaigners gathered at Trump Tower on Wednesday to launch a movement to stop Donald Trump being elected US President from inside Canada.

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The Stop Trump event, organized by global citizen movement Avaaz, aimed to get Americans living in Vancouver to register to vote in the upcoming election.

US citizens were able to register to vote in a truck covered in ‘Stop Trump’ banners and American flags, equipped with iPads and voting booths parked outside Trump Tower.

Campaigners painted with US and Canadian flags were entertained by a Donald Trump impersonator wearing an oversized papier-mâché Trump head.

According to Avaaz, about eight million American live abroad, but most do not vote. A recent report concluded these untapped voters could potentially swing the election.

In a release, Emma Ruby-Sachs, Deputy Director of Avaaz, described US citizens living abroad as the secret swing state.

“For months, the world has sat on the sidelines, horrified by Trump’s hate,” said Ruby-Sachs. “Now, Canadians have a way to fight back – by inspiring the one million Americans living in Canada to register and vote.”

The Trump International Hotel & Tower was not built by Donald Trump, only carrying Trump’s name because developers bought a licence to use it.

However, the luxury tower has become a focal point for anti-Trump protests in recent months, with many viewing it as a symbol of the man himself.

Trump appearance outside the tower in Vancouver. #bigheadtinyhands

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The Stop Trump campaign is targeting countries where the most Americans live, including Mexico, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Israel, and the Philippines.

If you are US citizen living abroad and want to register to vote, you can find a registration tool on the Avaaz website.

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