15 starving Cane Corso dogs rescued from BC breeder

Jan 11 2023, 11:00 pm

More than a dozen emaciated Cane Corsos were rescued from a property in BC’s Interior where the adult dogs were kept outside in frigid conditions without access to food or water.

Animal protection officers with the BC SPCA seized 13 dogs from an individual in Clearwater, BC, who was allegedly breeding puppies and selling them during COVID-19. The day before the seizure, two starving adult dogs from the property were surrendered to the BC SPCA.

“The condition of these animals was just horrific,” Eileen Drever, senior officer of protection and stakeholder relations said in a release. “It was one of the worst cases I have seen in my 42 years with the BC SCPA.”

Some of the dogs had eaten parts of a blanket from the floor and some of the puppies had wood splinters in their stool — indicating the dogs ingested whatever they could to stay alive.

“Some of the dogs were kept outside all day in sub-zero temperatures, with no shelter from the elements, no food and water bowls frozen over,” says Drever. “The pens had compact snow and ice and no dry place for them to lay down — I don’t how much longer these poor dogs would have lasted.”

The puppies were kept inside in a wire crate but didn’t have access to food, according to the BC SPCA.



In total, 15 dogs from the property are now recovering in care. Seven of them were 10-week-old puppies, eight dogs were under three years old, and two were adults. Three of the animals remain under intensive veterinary care due to starvation.

In addition to the dogs’ medical needs, many of them are very fearful and haven’t been socialized. They’ll need behavioural support before they’re emotionally and psychologically ready to be adopted, according to Drever.

The BC SPCA is recommending animal cruelty charges to Crown counsel.

“No animal should be subjected to this kind of suffering,” Drever said. “We are so relieved that they are now warm and safe in our care and getting the nutrition and medical help they urgently need.”

Donations to the SPCA to help these dogs and others in need are accepted online.


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