Starbucks Japan is releasing 47 brand new Frappuccinos

Jun 25 2021, 4:51 pm

Now, this is a way to celebrate! It’s been 25 years and Starbucks Japan is celebrating in a huge way with 47 new Frappuccinos representing every prefecture in the country.

The Starbucks promo is called “47 Jimoto Frappuccino,” “jimoto” meaning “local,” and each drink plays on the flavours and ingredients that represent every individual subdivision of Japan.

Starbucks Japan started in Ginza, Tokyo, and since then has expanded across the country.

Their specific frap creation is a combination of coffee and caramel, representative of those on the go, commuting to work or school, and fostering connections through coffee.

Other flavours include the Saitama creation, a strawberry and citrus frap, Kyoto’s frappuccino, a Hannari green tea flour concoction, and the Tochigi Raisama
crackling chocolate Frappuccino, which comes with popping candy.

These frappuccinos can be purchased only at their specific prefecture. The list of drinks can be found on Starbucks Japan’s website.

They go on sale starting June 30 and each drink costs ¥669 JPY, about $7.43 Canadian.

While we can’t try these Frapps ourselves, the thought of 47 new flavours dropping is pretty dang exciting.

Guess we’ll just eat our new giant Big Macs here in Canada and fantasize about them.

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