Description of 'Most Canadian Morning' ever topping Reddit right now

Dec 12 2017, 8:01 pm

While winter in Canada can feel long, cold, and dark, a recent post on Reddit seems to be warming people up from the inside – even if the weather outside is still freezing.

Reddit user GxDAssassin took to the site to describe “one of the most Canadian mornings” they had ever had.

It all starts, as many Canadian stories do, with snow.

“We got our first decent snowfall last night so this morning I decided I’d do my dad a favour and go clear the driveway before he gets up for work, (usually he does it before work while the rest of us are sleeping),” GxDAssassin writes.

GxDAssassin then alludes to “that Timmies commercial” where all the neighbours come outside and smile and wave to one another while they build a big hill for all the kids to play on while the adults drink a coffee.

The author then writes that they “may have lived” in that commercial.

“As I’m about to go inside one of the wives from a couple houses down pulls up to her house and starts walking to the end of each driveway offering coffee and hot chocolate to everyone.”

And while GxDAssassin is sure “things like this happen all over” the world, “it just really made me feel special to have been born in a place where there is no fear and everyone is so kind and friendly.”

The popular post had already generated over 800 comments at the time of this writing, with users generally expressing their love for the true north strong and free.

“Waiting for a bus in the blowing snow and yet I feel so warm inside,” wrote Circletwerk42.

“On my way to work every morning in winter, I park next to a zamboni clearing an outdoor skating rink. Something about it makes me smile every time,” said uckRaker.

“We had our first good snowfall in New Brunswick a few nights ago. The girlfriend and I made an 11pm trip through the snow for timmies. It was great,” wrote user I_Love_That_Pizza

However, some users appeared slightly less enthusiastic.

“Just moved to winnipeg from the Deep South for post grad studies, going through my first winter here now and haven’t even gotten to the worst of it yet, already freezing my ass off,” said ihave0karma.

But regardless of one’s personal feelings on the snowy situation, the Reddit post was a good reminder that when it comes to weathering those long Canadian winters, we’re all in this together.

Of course, a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate always helps.

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