Producers behind 'Sponsored Divas' explain why they made the show

Feb 22 2017, 4:37 am

Earlier this month the trailer for a new controversial Vancouver based reality show was released and it sparked worldwide attention, much of which was negative.

Though the producers need to be tight lipped while in negotiations with networks, Sponsored Divas issued a statement to explain the motivation behind the show and what audiences can expect when it eventually makes it onto our screens.

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“We wanted to create the new Vancouver reality series in order to explain the sugar baby lifestyle, helping to remove the stigma associated with the topic and enlighten society about the diverse arrangements that exist between consenting individuals,” the producers said in a statement.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a sponsored woman, or sugar baby, is someone who wants the best things in life – red bottoms, designer purses or clothes, trips abroad – and it’s all paid for by the sponsor.

A sponsor, or sugar daddy, is usually a wealthy man who finances a woman’s daily allowances, and they’re looking for some form of companionship in exchange.

Every sugar baby relationship is different, and the producers say their goal is to simply shed light on something that is so highly prominent in Vancouver.

Introducing the cast

According to the producers, each member of the cast brings a unique perspective to the show and they each have their own reasons why they decided to participate in the show.

“There is Steph, the self proclaimed queen of sugar. She sees this lifestyle as a business opportunity and has seasoned experience. She is an open book about what it means to be a sugar baby and wants to share her knowledge with the world.”

Steph is joined on the show by Lauren and Tanya, both of whom have experience as sugar babies.

“Whether Lauren is using her witty charm to attain what she needs, or Tanya, using her role as a femdom to be taken care of, each girl brings a different and unique perspective to this lifestyle,” the producers state.

Not all of the relationships on the show are romantic.

“Amanda was brought on this show to represent the platonic arrangements that can exist between two individuals,” the producers revealed. “She experiences the sugar lifestyle in exchange for her energy, companionship, and intellect. She has had various experiences and wanted to share with the public that non sexual arrangements do exist and that this is something that continuously gets overshadowed by stigma.”

Another cast member Elisa, is not currently living the sugar baby lifestyle. However she wanted to appear on the show to advocate for equality and to help educate society on the subject.

“At the end of the day, the public needs to keep in mind that this is a reality tv show that gives various insights into the sugar baby lifestyle and is not necessarily applicable to all its cast members,” the producers said via email.

There is currently no confirmed release date for the show, however with a new trailer hitting the internet this week it seems that the conversation over Sponsored Divas shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

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