We asked an expert how to pair sparkling wine and comfort food

Nov 7 2019, 1:39 pm

Everyone loves a good glass of bubbly.

Everyone also loves a night in chowing down on their favourite comfort foods. (No judgement here, that’s how we spend most evenings.)

The good news is, you can have your cake and eat it — alongside a lovely glass of sparkling, too. In fact, there are sparkling wine pairings for plenty of the more casual foods you enjoy, and they’re friendly for any budget!

We sat down with Master of Wine, Elsa Macdonald, from Steller’s Jay, a leader in BC’s VQA sparkling wine scene, to round up our list of sparkling wine pairings that go with our favourite food cravings.

We recommend serving these at your low-key holiday party or enjoying during your next Netflix binge. Nothing pretentious, just delicious.

Steller’s Jay Mountain Jay Brut

Fried chicken

Okay, this one might sound a bit out there, but once you’ve tried this combination, you’ll never go back.

There’s (obviously) a lot of grease in fried chicken. Sparkling wine (especially, a dry Brut) cuts through it while simultaneously refreshing your palate. And the best part is, it won’t leave you bloated like many other drinks that are usually paired with fried chicken (we’re looking at you, beer).


Whether it’s buttery, cheddary, or salty, popcorn is a hidden gem when it comes to pairing with bubbly. The richness of the butter helps draw out the flavours of a good sparkling wine (think green apple and almonds), while the sweetness of the wine balances the saltiness of the snack. Look no further than this bubbly delight on your next movie night!

Hot tip: drizzle some truffle oil over the popcorn to make this pairing a savoury sensation.

French fries

Wherever your fast-food loyalty lies, we can all agree that nothing says “treat yourself” more than chilled sparkling wine and hot, crisp, salty french fries. Dress them up with a little parmesan cheese or a spicy mayo dip to kick things up.

The bubbles and acidity in a good sparkling wine cut through the grease in french fries — and leave you feeling ready for a “fancy” night in.

Mac & cheese

Homemade or from your favourite food truck, mac & cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Amp it up with a glass of dry sparkling wine — it’ll pair perfectly with the saltiness and creaminess of your ooey gooey bowl of goodness.

Steller’s Jay Sparkling Rosé

Chocolate-covered strawberries/Steller’s Jay x Colony Digital

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Have you ever dipped strawberries in your favourite chocolate? The hint of sweetness and cream aromas in a sparkling rosé (like the Steller’s Jay Sparkling Rosé) balances beautifully with your favourite chocolate. And the darker the chocolate, the better! Whether you’re spending the night with pals or with your boo, indulge in this timeless, elegant pairing to satisfy your sweet tooth. (Oh, you fancy!)


The next time you’re hosting brunch or serving breakfast in bed, pick up a bottle of sparkling rosé. The bright, fruity taste of a sparkling balances so well with the flakiness and buttery flavour of a croissant. It’s a match made in heaven.


We’re not talking about raw, steamed, or any form of healthy cauliflower. We’re talking fried cauliflower — the kind served piping hot with savoury, sticky (maybe even spicy) dipping sauce. The hot, crisp, and greasy coating is cut by the acidity of the sparking rosé.

These trusty comfort food and sparkling wine pairing might even trick your loved ones into think you’re a sommelier. Don’t worry, it’s our little secret.

Steller’s Jay is BC’s premier sparkling wine brand and is made using French traditional Méthode Classique in Summerland, BC. Today, Steller’s Jay has been complementing occasions for over 35 years.

Steller’s Jay Mountain Jay Brut ($22.99) and Sparkling Rosé ($27.99) are both available at BC Liquor Stores, with special savings happening over the holiday season — so pick up a bottle today to pair with your next snack!

For more information, visit StellersJayWines.com.

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