Shelter holding anniversary party for dog that's been homeless for an entire year

Jul 4 2019, 4:47 am

Lola is the kind of girl you’d swipe right on Tinder.

She is a sassy, sensitive and cuddly lady who loves suntanning and swimming.

When she’s not going on walks or having sleepovers with her doggy friends at the Whistler Animals Galore Society, Lola loves watching TV.

She has also been without a forever home for 365 days.

Lola has been living at the Whistler Animals Galore Society ever since she was brought to WAG in the middle of the night when her previous owners were arrested.

They never returned for her.

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The WAG is throwing a party on Friday to celebrate Lola’s one-year anniversary at the shelter.

While the staff at the Whistler Animals Galore Society love her immensely, it is a little heartbreaking that Lola has been without a home for 365 days.

She is a two-year-old Pit Bull mix who is the perfect combination of athletic and chill.

As much as she loves going on hikes, she also loves relaxing on the couch eating her favourite foods: roasted chicken and cat food!


Lola chilling on the couch / Whistler Animals Galore Society

Lola is still learning how to be more comfortable around strangers, and is training with a WAG-approved trainer to help overcome her fear and reactivity behaviours

She is more comfortable around the ladies, but if you work hard to gain her trust she’ll love you unconditionally no matter if you’re a dad or mom to her, say staff.

An ideal home for her is in a quiet neighbourhood, preferably a house without kids, other pets or roommates. Lola wants to be the apple of your eye!

The adoption fee for Lola is is $300, which includes up-to-date basic vaccinations and regular parasite control. You can find the adoption listing for Lola here.


Lola wearing bunny ears / Whistler Animals Galore Society

Here’s what the shelter has to say about sweet Lola:

“If you canā€™t adopt please share her story or donate to her one-year WAG-iversary party. WAG will be Lola’s home for as long as it takes, and we are able to do this because of our amazing supporters.”


Lola on a walk / Whistler Animals Galore Society

You can meet Lola at the Whistler Animals Galore Society:

Address:Ā 8000Ā NestersĀ Rd, Whistler, B.C. V0N 1B0

Email:Ā [email protected]

Phone:Ā 604-935-8364


Fashionable Lola / Whistler Animals Galore Society


Tickle time! / Whistler Animals Galore Society

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