Violent sex offender who poses high risk to re-offend now living in Surrey

May 24 2019, 7:11 pm

The mayor of Surrey says he is “appalled” that a sex offender with a violent history against women has been released into the very community where he “committed his heinous crimes.”

Earon Wayne Giles was released from prison on Friday after serving 22 years in prison for a series of break and enters and sexual assaults against women in Surrey. He is considered a dangerous sex offender who poses a high risk to re-offend.

The Surrey RCMP issued a public interest warning under the Privacy Act of Canada, a common practice when sex offenders complete their prison sentences and move into a community.

Giles pleaded guilty to six counts of break and enter and committing sexual assault in 1997, according to court documents.

The accused and another man committed six break, enter and sexual assaults, and the level of violence escalated over the course of the offences. Telephone lines were cut and money was stolen from most victims.

“The five victims — one woman was assaulted twice — were all young and single, some with small children who were either present or threatened.”

Hours after his release from prison, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum released a statement saying it not only puts its citizens at risk, but it also a revictimization to the victims.

“Our system isn’t working, and what we have here borders on the absurd. We need an overhaul in how we deal with these sexual predators,” he said.

“It’s far too common that dangerous sex offenders find their way back to the very place where they committed the crimes. This should be a call for all law-abiding citizens to demand legislative changes on this front.”

Giles was released under a number of court-ordered conditions, including:

  • Not having any contact with any of the victims or their families
  • Not consuming or possessing alcohol or controlled substances, or entering any bar or liquor store
  • Not possessing any tool or device that can be used for the purpose of restraint, including duct tape, straps, rope, or wire
  • Not possessing any tools capable of criminal activity, including pry bars, crew drivers, bolt cutters, pliers, blow torches, night vision goggles, or slim jims
  • Not owning or possessing a weapon
  • Must obey a curfew and be inside between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am every day.

The 45-year-old was serving time in the Lower Mainland.

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