Roberto Luongo urges people to stay home and take coronavirus seriously (VIDEO)

Mar 23 2020, 10:10 am

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout North America, tensions are rising.

This is particularly true with people on social media, who are becoming increasingly outraged at images of people refusing to take social distancing seriously.

Whether it be a packed beach in Florida or the seawall flooded with people in Vancouver, it’s upsetting.

Apart from being a future Hall of Fame goaltender, Roberto Luongo also has a good head on his shoulders. Luongo had some wise words for everyone this weekend, urging people to stay home and follow the instructions from local health authorities, which too many people are still violating.

“This is a critical time in history right now,” Luongo said. “I think we all should be doing whatever we can to try to flatten the curve as much as possible. I still feel like there’s some people that are in denial or they’re not taking this seriously enough.

“Even though you’re home, that doesn’t mean that you can go over to a friend’s house. You can’t have any playdates.

“I was at the grocery store today and some people had their kids with them. They were touching all the carts and that kind of stuff.

“It really needs to be taken seriously. Stay home as much as you can. Do not go out at all unless it’s for necessities obviously. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, many times throughout the day, especially if you go outside and you come back home. The first thing you do is wash your hands.

“Our heroes in the hospital, they need to have a chance to help us as much as they can. We can’t overload the healthcare system. That’s why it’s so important to do these things.

“I know it’s hard right now and it’s not easy but I think if we all do these things and take it really seriously we can all get through this together. Hoping to see you guys on the other side of this and we can have a big celebration.”