The Rise of Jay DeMerit: From brunches with Elton John to beers with Bill Clinton - Part 1 (VIDEO & PODCAST)

Nov 30 2018, 1:34 pm

On this episode we put our usual co-host Jay DeMerit in the hot seat so our viewers/listeners can learn a little bit more about the Rise and Shine OG.

Jay was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin and attended college on a soccer scholarship in Chicago. Once graduated and signed on in the PDL (Premier Development League) he decided to take his talents overseas. Only thing was, he had very little cash and zero contacts on the other side.

He played in English Division 12, which typically meant every Sunday he was at a different city park playing in front of families, dogs, and pigeons. He worked his way up through the ranks though and thanks to a bit of luck, got a shot with Watford FC.

His story absolutely takes off from there and lands him across the brunch table from Elton John on countless occasions, tipping back beers with the former president of the United States, and on the verge of his first FIFA World Cup.

We’ll dive further into Jay’s international career with US Soccer, a surreal emergency eye surgery story, and the birth of the Vancouver Whitecaps in MLS in part two next week.

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The goal of this show is to help young athletes keep mentally and physically primed to help grow their careers to the highest level. The Rise of Jay DeMerit is a prime example staying focused on the goal and the epic conclusion of his story will truly drive that inspiring message home.

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