You can now rent out backyard pools Airbnb-style around Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Aug 18 2021, 10:29 pm

If you’ve invested in a swimming pool, or are lucky enough to have a home that includes one — or are simply someone looking for somewhere to take a dip — a new service called Swimply might be of interest to you.

It’s like Airbnb, but instead of lodging, it’s an online marketplace for your swimming pool. You can list your pool at an hourly rate, along with how many guests you can accommodate.

Some of the listings feature amenities like picnic tables, and lounge chairs, and restrooms.

Pool owners aren’t obligated to provide guests with access to a bathroom, but about 85% of Swimply’s current hosts do, according to the company. Hosts who don’t have washroom facilities available for use can only rent their pools for one hour at a time to a maximum of five guests.

Owners can also set limits on how many people are allowed in the pool.

“Founder and CEO Bunim Laskin came up with the idea in New York one summer after noticing a neighbour’s pool which was rarely in use,” a company spokesperson told Daily Hive via email. “He rented their pool in exchange for assistance paying for the pool’s upkeep.”

Owners are required to have their pools inspected to ensure the safety of guests.

There are several pools currently available for a dip around Vancouver.



The pool above, located in the British Properties in West Vancouver, goes for $99/hr. It also features towels which are considered a “premium amenity” for an additional $6/hr.

It seems like you can also rent out your luxury hot tub, if you’ve got one.



This top of the line “Beachcombers hot tub 750 series” features a built in bluetooth speaker, at what the seller calls a “Croft Spa,” for the low cost of $16/hr on weekdays, and $20/hr on weekends.

swimming pool Vancouver


According to this seller, this pool in Langley features a “state of the art waterslide,” for $60/hr on weekdays, $75/hr on weekends.

You can also designate whether or not you’d allow children in your pool. If you can’t provide access to a restroom, you can only book guests for one hour maximum.

The service is currently available in Canada, USA, and Australia.

Other Canadian cities that offer Swimply include Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Winnipeg.

Plus, it looks like the company is continuing to grow, with plans for “Joyspace” coming soon on their website, allowing hosts to rent out things like basketball courts, private gyms, and home studios.

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