Back from the '90s: Netflix's reboot of 'Reboot' premieres this year (TRAILER)

Feb 27 2018, 12:49 am

The upcoming reboot of Reboot on Netflix and YTV has shades of Power Rangers, TRON: Legacy, and Jumanji, and fans of the original 1990s series don’t seem to be too thrilled about that aspect.

A newly released trailer for Reboot: The Guardian Code shows the upcoming series will also have live action scenes in addition to CGI depictions of the digital world’s Mainframe.

Four teenagers are “recruited” to protect cyberspace as the new Guardians of cyberspace, and they’re transported to the Mainframe after finding a secret room with high-tech equipment in their high school.

A generic hooded hacker figure, who could very well double as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, is also shown as a threat that could “start the next World War.” Oh, and his name is “Sourcerer.”

As for any continuity from the original series, Megabyte makes an appearance in the trailer, but Bob, Enzo, and Dot are nowhere to be seen. These characters, along with Hexadecimal, are said to return in later episodes, with the focus being on the new teenagers.

Currently, the official trailer on YouTube, with almost 270,000 views, has been overwhelmingly negatively received, with over 9,000 dislikes and less than 800 likes.

Reboot, made by Vancouver-based Rainmaker Entertainment, first premiered on YTV and ABC in 1994 and was the world’s first fully computer-animated television series.

Production first began in the 1980s, but it was only into the 1990s that the technology was available for the show to be fully made. It was by far the largest 3D animation project ever undertaken at the time, and it signalled the strong beginning’s of Vancouver’s digital media industry.

Rainmaker is also responsible for the series’ 20-episode reboot, which will premiere as a Netflix original series worldwide, except in Canada, on March 30.

Canadians will have to wait until June for the series’ premiere on YTV.

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