This unfortunately-placed real estate sign is a little too real for Vancouver

Jun 5 2018, 6:40 pm

Sure, it might just be an unfortunately-placed advertisement, but it’s also an all-too-real sign of the times when it comes to the real estate market in Vancouver.

This particular photo of a “For Sale” sign in Vancouver was posted to Reddit and is currently causing conversation around the current state of the city’s housing market.

The Vancouver housing crisis is getting ridiculous from r/vancouver

Some Reddit users have even talked about the real estate potential of a place like this in Vancouver’s overheated housing scene.

“You’ll feel so relieved when you get home to this cozy, fragrant bachelor suite with ensuite, private 3/4 back garden, durable roof with lifetime warranty against craftmanship, key operated security system, close curb-side parking and carefully designed ventilation to keep warm in winter and cool in summer,” writes A_Following_Sea. “Great for young buyers to gain entry into the local Vancouver real estate market. Don’t miss this little nugget.”

“Fit for a king,” writes caceomorphism. “Incredible high vaulted ceiling! Main chamber twice as high as its length and width. Furniture included.”

So there you have it. In a city where tear-downs can go for $2 million, it’s no surprise some have already looked at the possibilities of a sale like this.

Just make sure you stay out of the basement suite.

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