RCMP investigate after 11-month-old girl seriously injured at BC daycare

Apr 3 2019, 11:16 pm

RCMP are investigating after an 11-month-old girl was allegedly injured at her Vancouver Island daycare.

According to West Shore RCMP, the Serious Crimes Unit is currently conducting an investigation involving an injured child under the age of one at a daycare in the Langford area.

“The details of the investigation will not be provided at this time. Investigators are in the early stages of this investigation to determine the cause of the injury. No arrests have been made and no charges have been laid,” said RCMP.

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The Ministry of Children and Family Development and Island Health have been notified regarding childcare or safety concerns.

The child’s mother, who goes by Kate, went into further detail about the situation involving baby Sophie in a GoFundMe post.

According to the post, Kate picked up Sophie from the daycare on Friday, March 29. Kate sat Sophie down for a snack and she started projectile vomiting.

The daycare provider informed Kate that earlier in the day, Sophie had “fallen and injured her face.”

Kate took Sophie to the local urgent care centre to ensure she was healthy. When Sophie was examined by doctors and nurses Kate was informed that it appeared Sophie had sustained a head injury.

Sophie was rushed to Victoria General Hospital where she underwent a CT scan. The scan revealed “a possible skull fracture and a frontal lobe subdural hemorrhage.”

The medical team advised Kate that Sophie should be transferred to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver via medical helicopter.

seriously injured

Kate and baby Sophie being airlifted to BC Children’s Hospital/ GoFundMe

“Once at BC Children’s, further testing revealed that she had also sustained hemorrhaging at the back of her eyes,” reads the GoFundMe post.

Sophie’s parents say they created the GoFundMe page to support her recovery. Both Kate and Sophie’s father, Tom, say they have been “displaced from their home in Westshore” which is a ferry ride away from Vancouver.

“Tom will be unable to work at his construction job until there is more known about Sophie’s condition and recovery. And Kate will be unable to continue her job search in either Administration or Health Care Assistant until baby Sophie is fully recovered and able to attend daycare again. ”

In a recent update on the GoFundMe page, Kate and Tom say Sophie is still not herself but is making a “little bit” of progress.

“Sophie is not really answering to any normal cues that she does, but we are in the right place,” wrote the parents.

“We are so lucky to be at the best hospital in the world, and have world-renowned doctors and neurosurgeons making sure Sophie is well taken care of.”

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