Ram Ranch: The 18 cowboys that really f*cked the "Freedom Convoy"

Feb 17 2022, 8:19 pm

Weird times call for weirder answers, and the “Freedom Convoy” counter-protest found a perfectly peaceful and unexpected way to disrupt channels.

Wherever the “Freedom Convoy” goes, Ram Ranch Resistance follows. So, you may have heard of Ram Ranch, but if you’re still not sure of what it is, we’ve got you covered.

Officially, Ram Ranch is a porno-metal song by Canadian musician Grant MacDonald. The song is about 18 cowboys having sex and arguably a great time while in the showers (and other areas) at the so-called Ram Ranch.

The song has several versions; MacDonald told Rolling Stone that he has recorded more than 500 versions of the smash hit. One recording of the song uploaded to YouTube in 2017 has more than 20 million views. You can listen below.

Maybe you’re wondering what a bunch of consenting adult cowboys have to do with the “Freedom Convoy.” Well, counter-protesters have taken it on as an anthem of sorts. Since early on in the convoys plans to travel across the country, brave Ranchers were there.

Anywhere that convoy members were communicating, whether was is Facebook, Reddit, Zello, Telegram, whatever the platform, counter-protesters would drop snippets of Ram Ranch. It wasn’t before long that the convoy groups had to abandon some of their channels and set up new ones to get away from the Ranchers. But, the Ranchers followed.

One brave Rancher even set up the Windsor Zello channel, only to nuke it with a recording of “Ram Ranch” when the injunction went into effect last week.

Other Ranchers have even been able to get Ram Ranch on Google maps, marking where convoy groups have taken hold.

ram ranch

Google Maps

What started as a way to quickly derail conversations among convoy members has become a full-blown resistance, albeit not an officially organized one. The Ram Ranch Resistance was coined as such by Twitter user @NoelleNarwhal, who hashtagged the term while live tweeting convoy Zello conversations.

While the movement doesn’t yet have an official Canadian Heritage Moment, they’ve made their own, and hopefully in time they will get the real deal.

“Sometimes it’s not who you expect that rams the most here at the ranch,” reads the header on Ram-Ranch.ca’s Ranch of Fame section.

The Ranch of Fame is full of people who’ve stood up to convoy members in Ottawa and across the country in various ways.

@saving.her.sanity *wipes a tear* It’s beautiful. #mentalhealthawareness #freedomconvoy2022 #stopthenoise #endtheprotest #TuesdayThoughts ā™¬ original sound – Crystal Barnard

“Ram Ranch” was a protest song from the start. MacDonald wrote the song in response to country music stations not playing his LGBTQ2S+ songs, he told Rolling Stone.

ā€œIā€™m just elated, totally elated that my song could be used to stand up for science,ā€ MacDonald told Rolling Stone.

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