Abbotsford school defaced by racist graffiti

Apr 3 2017, 6:46 pm

Abbotsford Police are investigating along with the school district after racist messages – along with other graffiti– was found at ASIA Sumas in Abbotsford, over the weekend.

“We received the report via Facebook around dinner time last night,” Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald told Daily Hive on Monday.

“The graffiti is really mixed in terms of its themes – some obscenity, some swastikas, comments about white power and men’s rights and references to grad.”

In a Facebook post, local woman Lyndsey Erin shared some pictures of the graffiti and her thoughts.

“I’m mad, I’m annoyed … but mostly I am sad I think,” Erin wrote. “Sad that hate like this is so easily displayed like it is nothing … sad that our amazing school, ASIA Sumas, was vandalized with this disgusting message.”

Echoing Erin’s sentiments, MacDonald added the messages were “nothing you would want students grade 6 to 12 to encounter first thing on a Monday morning.”

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