Statue of Queen Victoria toppled by protesters at Manitoba Legislature

Jul 2 2021, 9:01 pm

Winnipeg Police are investigating after protesters felled a statue of Queen Victoria at the Manitoba Legislature on July 1.

Following a “largely peaceful” demonstration, a “small number” of people vandalized the statue, Chief Danny Smyth said. A smaller effigy of Queen Elizabeth II was also toppled.

Video shared on social media shows protesters wrapping yellow rope around the neck of the Queen Victoria statue before pulling it to the ground.

Onlookers can be heard chanting “No pride in genocide” as several people climb atop its vacant base.

Photos of the aftermath show the statue lying on the ground, splattered in red paint.

Signs reading “While this country celebrates ‘Canada Day’ Indigenous people are digging up our babies that Canada killed” and “We were children once. Bring them home” were left lying against it.

Smyth was unable to confirm “rumours” that the statue’s head had been removed and thrown into a nearby river, although some photos show the figure is now headless.


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Police didn’t engage with those who damaged the statue because they didn’t want to “further incite the crowd,” Smyth said, adding that some officers were assaulted during the protest.

“These events were intended to be peaceful demonstrations of solidarity,” Smyth said. “I don’t think anyone was expecting [violence] to occur. It’s disappointing.”

“Going forward, we will, in fact, be investigating this to determine who was involved in this. It should come as no surprise.”

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