Quebec announces two more coronavirus related deaths

Apr 1 2020, 10:38 am

The Quebec government has announced two more deaths associated with COVID-19, bringing the province’s death toll to 33.

Before offering additional numbers, Quebec Premier François Legault extended his condolences to the families and loved ones of the new victims.

As part of his daily briefings, Legault revealed that known cases in the province had increased to 4,611.

He also mentioned that 5,770 cases are “under investigation” and 65,082 tests have turned up negative.

“We are one of the first North American states to close down businesses that were non-essential and that was a gesture that will probably pay off in the next few weeks or perhaps months,” Legault said in French.

He continued that Quebec is one of the global leaders when it comes to screening tests, hence the consistent influx of known cases within the province.

“I know it’s sad but don’t go visit people who are at risk,” said Legault, emphasizing that physical contact, especially with the elderly, isn’t worth the fatal consequences. “People in the north, don’t go down south and Quebecers from the south, don’t go up north.”

The provincial guidelines are a matter of “life and death,” according to Legault.

During the session’s Q&A, he said that officials have “many scenarios” being considered in regards to when physical distancing and service closures could end. Legault said that some scenarios could go into July, like Ontario, but, given the uncertainty of the virus’ spread, “nothing can yet be confirmed.”

Canada’s coronavirus death toll, as of the morning of April 1, is 108.