The first-ever rosé vodka soda just dropped in Western Canada

Oct 18 2019, 3:35 pm

Summer is officially over (sigh, we know). Days are getting shorter, and we’re gradually adding more layers to our fall wardrobe.

If you’re like us, your mind regularly wanders back to those sunny afternoons spent on the patio drinking rosé with your favourite people. But who says you can’t do the same, minus the patio perhaps, in autumn?

This season, Purpus Vodka is available at liquor stores for the very first time with an offering you’ve probably never tried before.


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Coming in hot (or cold, if we’re talking literally), the new brand offers four flavours that could convert even a craft beer devotee. Take your pick from Ludicrous Lime, Sunset Strawberry, Prosperous Peach, and Guilty Pleasure Rosé.

Wondering what sets these boozy beverages apart from others?

Well, let’s start with the basics. The drinks contain 120 calories per can, contain 6% alcohol, are flavoured naturally, have no sugars or sweeteners (of any kind), and, wait for it… contain three of the main ingredients which make up electrolytes.

Yes, electrolytes. You can check out the brand’s ingredients for their unique Rocky Mountain water blend on each can (which is as Canadian as it gets), and you’ll also see the word “electrolytes” on the front of the cans.


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Need a refresher on electrolytes? No problem.

Electrolytes are involved in many of the body’s natural processes, including contracting muscles, nervous impulses, regulating the body’s PH levels, and keeping us hydrated. They basically help the body to function as it should.

It’s a known fact that alcohol dehydrates the body. And since electrolytes help us stay hydrated, drinking a can of Purpus could help you strike the refreshing balance you’ve been searching for while socializing with friends.


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Purpus knows the importance of living a full life; it’s at the very core of their brand. So it’s only fitting that they want you to enjoy a drink that complements your lifestyle. You know, the kind of lifestyle that’s full of making connections, trying new things, and living life to the fullest.

Check out Purpus Vodka on Instagram and in the aisles of your nearest liquor store.