This employer-paid specialty education program helps nurses achieve their career goals

Sep 4 2019, 9:57 am

Nursing is one career that we can all agree is a true vocation. Whether you’re working in the field or you’ve experienced a hospital visit with family, you quickly realize the level of passion that nurses have for what they do.

Providence Health Care (PHC) offers an unparalleled program that fosters the compassionate, evidence-based work that nurses do and aids them in advancing their careers.

Providence’s oldest and most prominent site, St. Paul’s Hospital, has been training nurses since 1907 when it opened its own School of Nursing in response to a critical shortage of qualified nurses. Although the school closed in the 70s when nursing education shifted to universities, the hospital continues to be a hub of learning.

Today, PHC is following the same innovative spirit that saw St. Paul’s overcome the nursing shortage many years ago. The health leader is offering to pay tuition, in full, for nurses to go back to school. Here’s what that means for you.

Get a guaranteed permanent job

Benefits of PHC’s specialty nursing program include paid salary, free tuition and books, and a permanent job upon successful completion.

This is a major advantage offering peace of mind for those passionate about furthering their nursing education.

Who is eligible to participate

Nurses can focus their advanced training in a wide range of programs offered. This includes critical care, emergency, perioperative, neonatal, perinatal, and hemodialysis. Although Providence’s employer-paid specialty nursing program looks for nurses who have acute care experience, new graduates who have done preceptorships in specialty concentrations are encouraged to apply.

Specialized areas of focus include:

  • Critical Care (Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Cath Lab, Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit, Post-Anaesthesia Recovery)
  • Emergency
  • Hemodialysis (Nephrology)
  • High Acuity
  • Maternity (Neonatal/Perinatal)
  • Perioperative (OR)

How the program can benefit you

If you’re a nurse in BC who wishes to advance their skills, Providence’s specialty nursing program could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

“Our students have the benefit of a huge network of support — including our staff team, clinical nurse leaders, our nurse educators, and all of the physicians. St. Paul’s has a long and strong history of perioperative nursing education,” says Rupinder Khotar, who oversees the perioperative nursing program as the Operating Room nursing supervisor.

As a member of the nursing team at Providence, you’ll get an exceptional benefits package and opportunities for professional development, all while developing crucial skills on the job. Providence is currently redeveloping the new St. Paul’s Hospital and health campus, set to open in 2026. Soon, you could be a part of transforming the future of health care in BC.

Explore job postings for employer-paid nursing opportunities via Providence Health Care now.

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