Metro Vancouver police clock motorcycle going 244 km per hour

May 6 2023, 9:54 pm

Police in Metro Vancouver clocked a speeding motorcycle going more than four times the legal limit last month, and the driver’s bike was impounded as a result.

According to Langley RCMP, Langley Traffic, with the help of Abbotsford Police Department’s Air 1 helicopter, was able to stop a motorcycle that was going 244 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.

The incident happened the evening of April 21, Langley RCMP told Daily Hive. A Traffic Section officer was conducting enforcement on 256 Street when he saw a motorcycle speeding toward him.

“This type of driving is ridiculous and has no place on our public roads,” said Cpl. Craig van Herk.

“The officer initially turned on his emergency lights, but given the speed, immediately turned them off,” said van Herk. “He broadcasted the bike and rider description and last direction of travel.”

Then, Abbotsford Police’s Air 1 located the motorcycle and rider, directing officers to the bike. The driver was stopped, ticketed, and their bike was impounded.



According to ICBC data, tickets for excessive speed can range from $368 to $483.

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