154 places and counting: The ultimate Pokemon Go Metro Vancouver locations list

Jul 19 2016, 11:05 am

Pokemon Go officially launched in Canada, so you don’t need to download an unauthorized version any more. With the official launch in Canada, meetups, random stranger interactions, and people walking around looking at their phone is on the rise.

We’ve scoured the interwebs (Reddit, Facebook, Google) to compile the ultimate Pokemon Go locations list for Metro Vancouver, much larger than our initial list.

Pokemon Go Vancouver locations

Canada Place

Image: Canada Place/Shutterstock

Pokemon sightings in Vancouver

  1. Astoria Hotel – 769 E Hastings Street, Vancouver
  2. Canada Place – 999 Canada Place, Vancouver
  3. Downtown Eastside – spotted Pokemon: Pinsir, Muk, Pidgey, Koffing, Zubat
  4. Granville & Dunsmuir Street – both the Shoppers Drug Mart and SkyTrain station side
  5. Harbour Green Park – 1199 W Cordova Street, Vancouver
  6. In front of T&T near Stadium/Chinatown SkyTrain Station
  7. Jericho Beach Park: North of 4th Avenue between Point Grey Road and NW Marine Drive
  8. Olympic Village (the village is crawling with Pokemon)
  9. Point Grey Road at Macdonald Street
  10. Queen Elizabeth Park – 4600 Cambie Street, Vancouver
  11. Stanley Park – spotted Pokemon: Dratini, Slowpoke, Eevee, Tauros, Golduck
  12. UBC – 2329 West Mall, Vancouver
  13. UBC – spotted Pokemon: Pidgey, Drowsee, Eevee, Caterpie, Meowth, Venonat, Spearow

Pokemon Go Spawn Point in Vancouver

  1. Aerodactyl Spawn Point – Renfrew Park Community Centre, Vancouver
  2. Bulbasaur Spawn Point – Olympic Torch at Jack Poole Plaza
  3. Charmander Spawn Point – False Creek, Vancouver
  4. Charmander Spawn Point – Jericho Beach, Vancouver
  5. Dratini Spawn Point – Vancouver Convention Centre East
  6. Growlithe Spawn Point – Kensington Park, Vancouver
  7. Haunter Spawn Point – False Creek, Vancouver
  8. Hitmonchan Spawn Point – PNE entrance, Vancouver
  9. Hitmonlee Spawn Point – Balaclava Park, Vancouver
  10. Poliwag Spawn Point – UBC Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver
  11. Squirtle Spawn Point – St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 5251 Joyce Street

Pokemon Go Lure Spots in Vancouver

  1. Granville Station
  2. Olympic Village Square
  3. Queen Elizabeth Park
  4. SFU Harbor Centre
  5. Stanley Park Drive and Avison Way
  6. Waterfront Centre

Pokemon Go Double Lure Spots in Vancouver

  1. Gaston Park – 3470 Crowley Drive, Vancouver
  2. Ebisu Park – 8810 Osler Street, Vancouver
  3. Oakridge Centre

Pokemon Go Triple Lures in Vancouver

  1. Banana Leaf on Denman
  2. Burgoo Bistro
  3. Canada Place
  4. CRAFT Beer Market Vancouver
  5. David Lam Park
  6. Fraser & E 28th Avenue
  7. Fraser & E 38th Avenue
  8. George Wainborn Park
  9. Iron Worker’s Memorial
  10. Locarno Beach Park
  11. Marinaside & Davie
  12. Pacific Center Entrance
  13. Queen Elizabeth Park
  14. St. Mary’s Church/Collingwood Neighbourhood House
  15. Totem Poles at Stanley Park
  16. Trout Lake
  17. UBC Irving K Barber
  18. West Boulevard & W 43rd Avenue

Pokemon Go Quad Lures in Vancouver

  1. Marina Square – 1675 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver

Pokemon Go Gyms in Vancouver

  1. 29th Avenue Station, Vancouver
  2. Banana Grove Market, Vancouver
  3. BC Khalsa Darbar Society, Vancouver
  4. Blue Heron sculpture, Killarney Community Centre
  5. Clinton Park Sign, Hastings-Sunrise
  6. Collingwood Baptist Church, Vancouver
  7. Collingwood Community Gardens
  8. Collingwood Loop
  9. Douglas Coupland Infinite Tires sculpture, South Vancouver
  10. Eagle Ridge Hospital Fountain, Port Moody
  11. Falaise Park, East Vancouver
  12. Grace Community Baptist Church
  13. Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver
  14. Joyce Skytrain Station, Collingwood
  15. Kensington Skate Park, Vancouver
  16. Killarney Lutheran Church
  17. Kootenay Loop, East Hastings
  18. Langara Wetlands
  19. McBride Park fountain, Vancouver
  20. Momiji Gardens at the PNE, Vancouver
  21. Mosaic Fountain, Vancouver Art Gallery
  22. Nanaimo Station, Vancouver
  23. Orca Statue – Coal Harbour
  24. Pacific Grace Church, Vancouver
  25. Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), Vancouver
  26. Poor Italian Ristorante, Hastings-Sunrise
  27. Renfrew Baptist Church, Vancouver
  28. Renzullo Food Market mural, Vancouver
  29. Slocan Park, Vancouver
  30. South Main Street Gospel Hall, Vancouver
  31. Templeton Park Pool mural, Vancouver
  32. The Hive Hair Salon, Vancouver
  33. Tidal Train Metal Sculpture, Port Moody
  34. Yanviriya Buddhist Temple, Vancouver

Pokemon Go Burnaby Locations

Burnaby Mountain

Image: Burnaby Mountain/Shutterstock

Pokemon Go Sightings in Burnaby

  1. BCIT – Spotted Pokemon: Dratini, Meowth, Abra
  2. Burnaby Mountain / SFU Spotted Pokemon: Cubone
  3. Corner of Nelson Avenue and Kingsway
  4. Costco – 4500 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby
  5. Metrotown – 4700 Kingsway, Burnaby
  6. Near Horizons Restaurant – 100 Centennial Way, Burnaby
  7. SFU – 8888 University Drive, Burnaby

Pokemon Go Spawn Points in Burnaby

  1. Eevee Spawn Point – Metrotown, Burnaby
  2. Squirtle Spawn Point – Kingsway/Nelson Pond, Burnaby

Pokemon Go Lure Spots in Burnaby

  1. Kingsway & Nelson, Metrotown

Pokemon Go Double Lure Spots in Burnaby

  1. Brentwood Town Centre

Pokemon Go Triple Lure Spots in Burnaby

  1. BCIT Campus
  2. Burnaby Public Library
  3. Eileen Daily Swimming Pool
  4. Mall Metropolis at Metrotown
  5. McGill Library
  6. Playground near North entrance of Central Park
  7. SFU Bus Loop
  8. SFU Transportation Centre Bay 2Pokemon Go Quad Lure Spots in Burnaby

Pokemon Go Gyms in Burnaby

  1. Broadway-Woolwich Park sign, Burnaby
  2. Dolphins fountain, Metropolis at Metrotown
  3. Glass wall, Sperling Station Burnaby
  4. Patterson Station, Burnaby
  5. Still Creek Watershed info sign, Burnaby
  6. Still Creek Watershed, Burnaby
  7. Sumas Park, Burnaby

Pokemon Go Richmond Locations

Steveston Village

Image: Steveston Village/Shutterstock

Pokemon Go Sightings in Richmond

  1. Aberdeen Centre – 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond
  2. Minoru Park – 6540 Gilbert Road, Richmond

Pokemon Go Spawn Points in Richmond

  1. Dratini, Magnemite, Voltrob, & Scyther Spawn Point – Steveston Village
  2. Electabuzz Spawn Point – Richmond-Brighouse Public Library
  3. Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan Spawn Point – Minoru Park, Richmond
  4. Jinx Spawn Point – Minoru Park, Richmond
  5. Tauros Spawn Point – Minoru Park, Richmond
  6. Tentacruel Spawn Point – Richmond Oval

Pokemon Go Triple Lure Spots in Richmond

  1. Aberdeen Centre
  2. Richmond Minoru Park
  3. Richmond Olympic Oval
  4. River Road
  5. Steveston Village

Pokemon Go Surrey Locations

Holland Park Surrey

Image: Holland Park/Shutterstock

Pokemon Go Sightings in Surrey

  1. Holland Park /City Centre, Surrey Spotted Pokemon: Pikachu, Kingler, Krabby, Hypno, Staryu, Horsea

Pokemon Go Lure Spots in Surrey

  1. Bear Creek Park Train
  2. Cloverdale Fairgrounds
  3. Green Timbers park
  4. Guilford Town Mall
  5. King George Station
  6. Surrey Central Station

Pokemon Go Port Moody Locations

Rocky Point Park Port Moody

Image: Rocky Point Park/Shutterstock

Pokemon Go Spots in Port Moody

  1. Rocky Point Park – 2800 Murray Street, Port Moody – Spotted Pokemon: Mankey

Pokemon Lure Spots in Port Moody

  1. Labyrinth Healing Garden, Port Moody
  2. Newport Village Centre
  3. Pioneer Memorial Park
  4. Port Moody City Hall/Library
  5. Port Moody Fire Department
  6. Shoreline Park
  7. The Village Toy Shop

Pokemon Go locations in New Westminster

New Westminster

Image: New Westminster/Shutterstock

Pokemon Go Spawn Points in New Westminster

  1. Dratini Spawn Point – Moody Park, New Westminster
  2. Hitmonlee Spawn point – Queensborough, New Westminster

Pokemon Go Lure Spots in New Westminster

  1. Port Royal Duo stop
  2. New Westminster Quay

Pokemon Go North Vancouver Locations

Lonsdale Quay North Vancouver

Image: Lonsdale Quay/Shutterstock

Pokemon Go Spawn Locations in North Vancouver

  1. Magnemite Spawn Point – North Vancouver
  2. Dratini Spawn Point – Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver

Pokemon Go Lure Spots in North Vancouver

  1. Lonsdale Quay

Pokemon Go Maple Ridge Locations

  1. Eevee Spawn Point – ValleyFair Mall, Maple Ridge

Pokemon Go Coquitlam Locations

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  1. Como Lake, Coquitlam (Pokemon Gym)
  2. Coquitlam Centre’s Centre
  3. Coquitlam Centre’s East-side
  4. Coquitlam Centre’s West-Side
  5. Hard Rock Casino’s Sign
  6. Hard Rock Casino’s Fountain

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