Podcast: BC Minister of Citizens' Services tells us why getting high-speed internet to rural communities is important

Jan 26 2018, 3:33 pm

Presented by Daily Hive, Episode 9 of The Confab Diary podcast features former President of the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation Jinny Sims, who is currently serving as Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Surrey/Panorama Riding and the BC Minister of Citizens’ Services.

154 Remote Communities in B.C. to get High-Speed Internet

In this week’s episode, Jinny Sims discusses the Subsea Fiber Optic Cable that will soon be connecting more that 150 communities across BC.

She states that this $45.4 million investment is not a financial investment, but an infrastructure investment that connects as many as 44 rural Indigenous communities to the rest of the province.


Born in India, Jinny was nine when her family emigrated to England. A native Punjabi speaker, she had to struggle with English: “There was no ESL instruction in those days. It was total immersion!”

Once she started teaching, Jinny worked with highly academic students and with youth in a juvenile prison.

“I loved working with all those kids. I ran the judo and fencing teams, the multicultural club, all kinds of activities,” she said. “We were young, and there was lots of energy and excitement.”

“The BC Liberal government did not invest much in education, and I’m glad to be on a team (BC NDP) that puts our children first.”

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