A mini mall for pop-ups is opening off Main Street next month

May 22 2019, 10:53 pm

A “fun and funky shared retail space,” known as the Pink Flamingo Pop-Ups, is coming to Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood next month.

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With seven retailers, sharing 3,000 sq.-ft. freshly renovated space, the space is designed specifically for pop-ups, said Nicolas Charest, who co-owns Pink Flamingo Pop-Ups, along with his partner, Lisa Suggitt.

The space is divided to allow each retailer to show their individuality but with an open concept that enables a community feeling.

“The idea came naturally as we witnessed our neighbourhood being gentrified over the course of the last decade,” Charest told Daily Hive. “We wanted to offer a place for the smaller retailers, local artisans and entrepreneurs, as well as for exciting product launches, etc.”

The interior of Pink Flamingo Pop-Ups (Facebook)

Charest noted that pop-up shops are “a fast growing retail trend in all major cities where the cost of full commercial leases is soaring beyond what smaller enterprises can afford.”

As such, “we see pop-ups becoming more and more of a popular format in Vancouver,” said Charest. “Main Street seemed like the perfect spot: discerning trendy shoppers wanting something more, something different, something new.”

The Pink Flamingo Pop-Ups takes place on June 15th and 16th, and its grand opening will coincide with the annual Main Street Car Free Day festival.

Can’t make it that weekend? Don’t worry. Charest said the area will be open year-round. Hours of operation are Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:30 am to 6 pm, although the “exact schedule” may change to accommodate our retailers, and the particular season.

The Pink Flamingo Pop-Ups is located “10 steps” from Main Street, at 187 East 11th Avenue, under the RollerGirl.ca skate shop, across the street from Stone Fox Hair Inc., Blossom & Vine Floral, Sarah&Jane Beauty Saloon, and Dock Lunch, said Charest.

For those looking to potentially get involved, Charest said there are still spaces available for opening week at the time of this writing, “but they are going fast.”

Car Free Day weekend was chosen for the the date of opening, as the annual event “is one of the busiest days of the year on Main,” said Charest. “We’re offering intro rates ranging from $179 to $518 per week for opening week, so it’s obviously a great opportunity.”

Vendors and businesses still interested in participating are encouraged to email Pink Flamingo Pop-Ups to reserve a spot.

“We plan on curating retailers for an ever-changing selection of interesting eclectic goods.,” said Charest.  “We are likely to have occasional themes varying from clothing to wood workers, beauty products, housewares, music, and who knows what else. It should be fun.”

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