Nominate everyday heroes in your community to be #AngelsAtWork

May 2 2020, 7:00 am

The ongoing pandemic makes it easy for our daily lives to be consumed by overwhelming news. But during this time of uncertainty when negativity is prevalent, there is still a lot of good happening around us.

Working tirelessly on the frontlines, helping people in your community, or supporting your loved ones, no matter how small or big the effort — everything counts.

So the one thing to remember is that not all heroes wear capes — some have wings. PHILLY knows a thing or two about angels, and the brand is inspired by the acts of goodwill happening across the country over the past few weeks.

Now, PHILLY is calling on you to celebrate the people you know who have been spreading kindness and good — all for a great cause.

Every time you nominate someone and share the post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — with the hashtag #AngelsAtWork — PHILLY will donate a meal to Food Banks Canada. The more posts you share and the people you nominate, the higher the number of meals donated.

As you consider which #AngelsAtWork you know in your own community, here are some stories to inspire you.

Lifting local businesses

A few weeks ago, Greg Kelly walked past his favourite cafe and noticed it was closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. However, there was a sign on the door explaining that the owners would hand-deliver beans if needed.

This inspired Kelly to do something to make it easier for local cafes and coffee roasters to sell their products online. He launched The Next Sip marketplace, where all proceeds go directly to the roasters and cafes.

“Everyone is trying to figure out how they can give back in a meaningful way right now — it feels great to take the skills I’ve developed professionally and apply them in a way outside of my day job to make a difference in business owners’ lives across Canada,” he tells Daily Hive.

Supporting from a distance

After discovering that many support staff are experiencing a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment), Lorraine Agnew decided to do something to help. She began making masks from her home in Ontario using her mother-in-law’s 40-year-old sewing machine.

“I went on to YouTube and watched a few videos, then sent my dear husband, with his mask and gloves on, to pick up material and what I needed,” Agnew explains. Already, she has sent over 100 free masks to frontline workers, and to her family in Northern Ireland who can’t get access to masks.

Agnew says it means a lot to be able to give back and help others. “I’m disabled myself, so I don’t do a lot, and this was a little way to contribute. As the need got bigger, and the word got out about making the masks, I had to get a little bit better at it,” she says.

Pivoting with meaning

Ada Juristovski, the co-founder of Vancouver-based brand Nala Care, says her team has shifted production to offer hand sanitizer to help support the unprecedented demand.

They’re offering sanitizer free with each purchase, and donating a portion of sales to Covenant House Vancouver so the organization can continue to provide essential services to youth experiencing homelessness.

“For me, giving back is a constant reinforcement that we are stronger together. Thinking ethically about what is best for the greater good is the only way we will beat this pandemic,” says Juristovski.

You can nominate the angels you know today by posting about them using the hashtag #AngelsAtWork and tagging PHILLY. This could be someone who does the grocery shopping for their neighbour, is juggling being a parent/teacher/manager, volunteers in their community, your family member or friend, or anyone in between.

Sharing a feel-good story that shines a light on someone special also helps support those in need in Canada, with PHILLY donating a meal to Food Banks Canada every time someone is nominated with the hashtag.


Earlier this year, the long-time face of PHILLY Cream Cheese, Linda Kash, set out to find her successor, the next PHILLY angel. The new angel will be announced in September 2020 after the PHILLY team can safely gather together in person once more.

In the meantime, the brand is continuing to celebrate the Canadian angels who are going above and beyond to spread kindness and joy. Say thank you to the angels in your community with the hashtag #AngelsAtWork to celebrate our everyday heroes and support Food Banks Canada.