Love cream cheese? This beloved global brand wants to make you famous

Mar 4 2020, 4:00 pm

Whether you know her name or not, everyone who grew up watching cable TV would recognize the long-time face of PHILLY Cream Cheese, Linda Kash.

Perched atop a canopy of fluffy clouds with feathery wings and a head of rambunctious curls, Kash’s bubbly personality captivated the public for years — and she did it all with a creamy snack in-hand.

Now, she’s on the lookout for a successor. The #PHILLYCastingCall, led by Kash herself, launches today. And Canadians 18 and older are welcome to throw their hat in the ring.

The only requirement? That you love, love, love, love cream cheese. Well, and meet just a few more criteria.

“After years of spreading a little cream cheese love across Canada, I’ve had an amazing time being the PHILLY angel and I’m so excited to be back and searching for my successor, as casting director,”  said Kash.

“My biggest piece of advice to wannabe-PHILLY angels is to be yourself. Have fun and show me what makes you different.”

Despite her cheerful demeanour, Kash is one tough cookie (bagel?), and you’ll have to do more than just wing it to win her heart. She’s looking for someone who’s the perfect combination of clever, playful, and of course, a cream cheese connoisseur.

A word of advice? Watch the commercials she starred in for tips. What do you have to say about cream cheese that nobody else can? What are your best cream cheese secrets? What even are cream cheese secrets? Who knows, but Kash is dying to find out.

One important thing Canada’s next big cream cheese star should bring to the table is a fresh take; a new decade calls for new angel, and with this comes a new look and feel. You could help shape that path, following in the footsteps of the only woman in Canada to ever put a face to spreadable cheese.

If you’re already cheesin’ just thinking about it, channel your inner angel and submit an audition video online using #PHILLYCastingCall on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. Your tape will go straight to Kash, your charming (potential) future mentor.

Original Philly blueberry fig bagel/Philadelphia Cream Cheese

The casting call is open from now until Tuesday, March 10 at 11:59 pm.

After sending in your video, keep your fingers crossed until Kash announces who she chose to continue her legacy.

Ready to earn your wings? For more information on the casting call and #PHILLYCastingCall opportunity, click here.

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